marguerite kalhor

the this: artifice + superfice: two scoops of banality is a series of works which highlight the sleepwalk-waltz of the user and their associated social media networks. Using the selfie as an easily produced and understood mechanism of virtual self-fashioning and communication, Kalhor explores its use as a tool of visual deception rather than a subject of personal celebration or a narcissistic phenomenon. With an assortment of image and sound editing software and the idiosyncratic content of kalhor’s social networks, the this aims to construct alternative narratives to the banal and repetitive nature of the socio-virtual sphere.

Marguerite Kalhor received her BA in art practice with a concentration in new genres and drawing from UC Berkeley. Her current research focuses on the selfie, social media and their effects. Pulling from a variety of aesthetic and conceptual sources Kalhor creates tension between seemingly irrelevant cultural themes and mass media messaging.