Sean Pace

Sean Pace is an artist from Asheville, North Carolina with a background in kinetic sculpture and social activism. His interests have been in energy, social and cultural development, and personal exploration of mechanics with reappropriated found objects, often obscuring meaning with charged metaphors and playful forms of hearsay. He co-founded the Flood Fine Art Center in Asheville, NC and he started Blue Ridge Bio-Fuels in Asheville as well. At UC Santa Cruz he has worked to generate a social intervention practice that brings a mobile workshop into the public arena to create access to some of the newest technologies for sculptural fabrication and object exploration.
MFA Project: C.R.A.W.L.E.R., the Community Roving Artists Workshop Lab for Educational Research
The C.R.A.W.L.E.R is a platform for arts outreach, social justice, and field research. The motivation for this project involves the social integration of art as a practice for preserving human creativity and fostering its growth. Relationships forged through creative behavior expand the impact of the artist’s practice from the “artist to audience” into an “artist to artist” co-creating relationship. The co-generative space is a uniquely inviting experience where the formal boundaries between art and observer are disrupted, manifesting a unique experience validating the art.