Christophe ivins

CRYOSPHERE: Frozen in Time

Christophe Ivins

CRYOSPHERE: Frozen in Time presents still and moving images, narrated by letters written to a past self, to articulate the encounter between the half-century-old artist and the two-and-a-half-million year old cryosphere, the solid water of Earth. 

Glaciers advance and recede. Memories of three short decades fast forward and rewind in funerary remembrance. The memoriam offers viewers an intimate, one-sided glimpse of love lost to a changing landscape.

The artist’s three-screen installation offers a meditative space for considering ice sheets — now vanishing on a human time scale — and allows viewers to contemplate the coinciding deaths of humans and the cryosphere.

Christophe ivins has worked on visual effects for Titanic, Avatar, and Life of Pi. He has shot and operated camera for Noah and Oscar winner West Bank Story, and in locations including Asia, the glaciers of Alaska, and in Europe with NATO Peace Implementation Forces.