f coyl

Trace is an interactive fiction unraveling a certain authority of the American past.

Trace is a narrative questioning intersections of whiteness and queerness.

Trace is a non-linear tableau probing the remembrance of historical events across generations.

Trace is all of the above.

This project is navigated from the experience of three characters around select historically pivotal events. A combination of text, illustration, video and internet sources, Trace draws on different modes of temporality and media representation in an attempt to examine the frameworks in which particular stories are told. This project is built in Twine, a free, open-source hypertext game platform, with some additional HTML5/CSS.

Finley Coyl’s work delves into dynamics of social justice and resistance, identity and queerness, codes and hoaxes, transformation and shift. Combining drawing and photography, visual narratives, and time-based works, Coyl utilizes a hybrid of traditional and new media.