darrell “mc” ruppel

Can art provide opportunity for creative mobility and physical mobility? Darrell Ruppel’s Rideables are a series of electronically-powered performative sculptures that break down social barriers surrounding community, social engagement, the mis- and under-represented, and the underprivileged through a developing social art practice. These works serve as a platform for dialogue and interaction across diverse groups of the Santa Cruz community. Come watch videos of the processes involved in creating these sculptures, play multimedia arcade games that represent West Cliff and East Cliff, and step onto and navigate a full-scale Rideable to experience the mind altering fun that these collaborations create!


Darrell McKelvie Ruppel is a social practice artist and educator collaborating with underprivileged youth in Santa Cruz, California. Ruppel addresses sociopolitical and environmental understanding among diverse groups through performative social sculpture, videography, and interactive games. He holds a BA in art with a focus on sculpture from UC Santa Cruz.